Charlie Donnelly, Manuel Valls and Catalonia

My old man on his death bed was reading Even The Olives Are Bleeding a biography of Charlie Donnelly, the poet who was killed at the age of 22 while fighting for the Spanish Republic, he even liked that awful old Stalinist Michael O’Riordan. So I wasn’t brought up in an atmosphere such as to … Continue reading Charlie Donnelly, Manuel Valls and Catalonia


Beatriz Sarlo

Teoría: Muchas feministas argentinas desprecian a Sarlo  no tanto por sus opiniones sino porque  no se comporta como se supone una mujer (incluso una mujer feminista) debe hacerlo. No le interesa mostrarse ni solidaria ni cariñosa con nadie. Llegó a la cima de su profesión en una época en que era más difícil para las mujeres de … Continue reading Beatriz Sarlo

Of Pension Reforms and Soft Coups

You may have read about disturbances in Buenos Aires yesterday and last night, you'll have read that they were protests against changes to the law governing how pensions are calculated. The law was passed this morning after an exhausting 18 hour session. So, job done. But the disturbances yesterday and last Thursday were never *really* about … Continue reading Of Pension Reforms and Soft Coups

Bonadio Day

A few quick thoughts on the detentions and indictments ordered by Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio arising from his investigation into the criminal complaint first made by murdered Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman According to Nisman the purpose of the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding signed between Argentina and Iran was not to bring to justice those Iranians … Continue reading Bonadio Day

The ESMA Mega-Trial Verdicts

Of course jail is the proper place for these guys. however there's something that rings  a bit false in the orgy of celebration from the "human rights community", for want of a better term, in Argentina. A healthy reaction would include asking why  such a large part of society welcomed the 1976 coup, supported the … Continue reading The ESMA Mega-Trial Verdicts

Lagomarsino Testifies…

1. Not much has leaked so far because of the “secreto de sumario” imposed by Judge  Ercolini. 2. Lagomarsino was not detained. I guess that he is not thought of as having a chance to interfere with the investigation(unlike prominent kirchnerista politicians detained recently) and isn’t a flight risk as he has the tracker gadget … Continue reading Lagomarsino Testifies…

Lagomarsino and the End of Impunity for the Nisman Murder

Nearly three years  after  the murder of AMIA Special Prosecutor Alberto #Nisman in January 2015. we have his death finally classed as homicide.  And we have Diego Lagomarsino, an accomplice to the crime, subpoenaed by Judge Ercoloni for next Tuesday and four of Nisman’s bodyguards for later in the month. So we’re now at the … Continue reading Lagomarsino and the End of Impunity for the Nisman Murder