And finally, Article 155

Prime Minister Rajoy today announced that he’s going to ask the Senate to implement Article 155 of the Constitution, in effect to impose direct rule on Catalonia. This should have been done earlier, at the latest  when the Catalan parliament voted to give plenary powers to the Catalan executive on September 7th. It's then that … Continue reading And finally, Article 155


The Maldonado Case and Catalonia

There’s a common thread running through the Maldonado case in Argentina and the Catalan independence movement: the  suppressed desire of people in  two democratic countries (more or less flawed, like all others), most of whom have no unresolvable problems  affecting  them , to be living under a dictatorship, resistance to which would endow their lives … Continue reading The Maldonado Case and Catalonia

Cuixart, Sànchez and the Dark Night of Francoism

So who are these guys? Jordi Cuixart is the head of Òmnium Cultural and Jordi Sànchez is the boss of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana. They are cultural and political organisations dedicated to making Catalonia more  Catalan and less Spanish and, above all, achieving Catalan secession from Spain. They are regularly described in the foreign media as “civil … Continue reading Cuixart, Sànchez and the Dark Night of Francoism

The Catalan Operetta, Part 94

Puigedemont last night: "mumble mumble Independence !! mumble mumble, well, sort of anyway, soon, I think, shit this is awful”. The CUP last night : Treachery!! Fuck this for a game of cowboys we’re taking our toys and going home. (One of their harpies apparently resigned her seat this morning in disgust) Rajoy this morning, … Continue reading The Catalan Operetta, Part 94

Josep Borell in Plaça Urquinaona

We went to the massive anti-secession demonstration in Barcelona yesterday. It’s really difficult to compare the turnout with pro-secession demos because they have the full support of the Catalan government and the constellation of pro-secessionist NGOs which are really GOs when you consider the amount of subsidy they receive. Yesterday’s event was organized in a … Continue reading Josep Borell in Plaça Urquinaona

A Sinn Féin Programme for Catalan Independence

1. Nationalist leaders must speak more in Spanish; despite their best efforts it’s still the majority language here. People who speak Catalan with their families don’t need to be persuaded by them, Spanish speakers do. The more these leaders speak to, or rather at them in Catalan the more they convince them that the central … Continue reading A Sinn Féin Programme for Catalan Independence

Game Over For the Catalan Secessionists?

Artur Mas, a key figure in the independence movement has said, "well, you know, perhaps we’re not really ready for this independence thing quite yet". Save for the obvious differences this is equivalent of DeValera saying in 1920, "You know what, I think we need to give this getting rid of the Brits thing a bit … Continue reading Game Over For the Catalan Secessionists?

The Catalan Crisis: Notes As We Sleepwalk Towards The Abyss

1. Many Catalan nationalists have criticised the King’s speech on Monday night for being a faithful echo of the national government’s line. Dudes, that’s what he’s there for.  Constitutional monarchs shouldn’t make political initiatives of their own. 2. The CUP, the  ultra-left, irredentist party propping up the governing coalition, wants the Catalan Republic to be … Continue reading The Catalan Crisis: Notes As We Sleepwalk Towards The Abyss

Nazis: they don’t make them like they used to

Luis D'Elía is one of those being investigated by Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio on suspicion of treachery, related to the pact signed by the previous government of Argentina with Iran to protect those responsible for planning the AMIA massacre in Buenos Aires in 1994. He’s not exactly light on his feet and he’s had a … Continue reading Nazis: they don’t make them like they used to